BR Magazacilik was established in 2011 by merging the forces of Boyner Group and Ran Konfeksiyon and started its operations under the Boyner, who introduced the initials in Turkey. Today, it efficiently conducts all production and retail operations of Altinyildiz Classics and Beymen Business brands, which stand out with their innovative visions in the men's clothing industry.

Reinforcing its position in the sector with its production of 25 thousand products per day in its 21,000 square meter headquarters in Torbalı, İzmir, BR Magazacilik continues its activities with nearly 1200 experienced and expert staff. With nearly 200 stores in 60 provinces and more than 300 sales points in Turkey and abroad, it continues to meet its customers with 20 stores in 11 countries.

You can reach our customer representatives via 0850 455 56 57 on weekdays between 08:30 and 17:20.
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