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The "givin" project of Boyner Group, which was established in the Invention Platform, which was established to bring social entrepreneurs together with its supporters, has achieved success by collecting 25 thousand TL support. "Givin", which is a mobile device application that can support non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working for education with sales income of surplus goods, aims to create a new and efficient resource development channel for NGOs as well as increasing participation in social benefit.

The "My Invention" that Boyner Group has established to provide mass funding to social entrepreneurs continues to realize its dreams. "Givin" is now among the projects that managed to collect the support it aimed at the platform. The "Givin" project set out with the idea that there should be a suitable and customizable way for everyone to participate in social benefit when technology and online shopping become widespread.

Başak Süer, the founder of "Givin", said that they have reached the support of 25 thousand TL, with the contributions of Altınyıldız Classics, one of the Boyner Group companies, as well as individual donors. Süer added that everyone has many valuable resources, and that they aim to create a "modern community of heroes" who take action by using the resources available for good purposes.

The "Givin" application, a market place that combines e-commerce with crowdfunding, primarily enables individuals to turn their stoppage items into support for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as TEGV, TOG, Koruncuk and Tohum Autism Foundation. Although it has just been opened, the "Givin", where users have sold 30 thousand TL of goods in 1 month, the shopping potential of 5 thousand TL shows the success potential of the application. The project plans to include many brands on the platform in the near future and offer the best "best" shopping. The platform also includes project information to be realized in order to see for what purposes the supports given to NGOs are used. In the near future, both consumers and brands will be able to create social benefits and mobilize more people in the near future, as "Givin", which has taken its place in the App Store and Google Play, has received the targeted support.

While the "Givin" project reaches its targeted support, many creative projects that will touch different areas of life in My Invention continue to collect support at You can make big differences with small supports in the platform Invention, which brings together project owners and supporters for the development of social entrepreneurship and individual donation.

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