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Stating that they are planning a record growth in e-commerce this year, BR Retailing Board Member Enis Habif said, "We will soon realize our in-store ordering application and remove the boundaries between our sales channels."

"We entered 2018 with the goal of furthering the success and efficiency we achieved in 2017," said Enis Habif, Member of the Board of BR Retailing. Stating that the strategy of increasing foreign branding and brand recognition, which is one of the important steps of the vision of "Creating a World Brand", will continue rapidly in 2018, Habif said, "People come first for us. We will continue." he said.


Underlining that they are planning a record growth in e-commerce this year, Habif said, "We continue to invest in our e-commerce channel. We will soon realize our in-store ordering application and remove the boundaries between our sales channels. We are now at the last stage in our in-house digitalization. Sales, marketing, CRM We have digitized our processes at our critical points such as supply chain and store.We have mobile solutions such as Br @ in, BRO, which improve all our business processes.Not very recently, it is not only shopping that will facilitate their lives, but also from everyday life to business life. we will be implementing a mobile application that will be in interactive communication on many subjects. " said. Habif continued as follows: "The implementation of our renewed store concept, product development - our innovative view in innovative products, the new products in our collection, the digitalization of our business processes, and the efforts to develop our application named Brain, which we have specifically designed and used for our sales teams. We have designed our advertising campaigns to explain many innovations in our product and brand structure in 2018 communication strategy. We signed a 2-season agreement with Burak Özçivit as the brand face and published our first commercial film on March 21. At the end of 2017, we reached Turkey's 55 provinces, and we have served over 185 stores and 300 sales points, expresses Habif 2018, they aim to close about 520 million turnover, and the early election decision did not cause any changes to the existing investment and growth plans.

Anadolu AVMs have the potential to compete with Istanbul

Regarding the Anatolian investment plans, Habif said, "We think that the shopping malls located in the Anatolian cities have the potential to compete with the shopping malls in Istanbul. Shopping malls, which have begun to open in Anatolian provinces, create an opportunity for us to bring our brand together with our customers." he said. Stating that foreign adventures of two stores started in Romania, Habif, "We opened our first store in Kyrgyzstan as of April. We have taken the first step in our international operations process in Central Asia, currently Northern Cyprus took the start for the Turkish Republic of Nicosia. Our priority is Turkey's surrounding geography. We will start by opening stores in Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran in the short term." Expressing that they want to grow in the Balkans starting from Eastern Europe in the short term, Habif said, "First of all, to evaluate the population and purchasing power hosted by the Turkic Republics and Iran, to take part in the markets that overlap with our brand, and at the same time, our brand face Burak Özçivit has a large fan base. Our talks with the Gulf countries are continuing. "

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