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As BR Magazacilik, we are progressing and supporting young people at every step towards the future. Now, in a very special project, with Ege University which is one of Turkey's leading schools,we are in the excitement of coming together with the young people of the future.

With our Store Management Certificate Program, which we have prepared to encourage the sector with the slogan of "There is a Job in Retail", we also offer the opportunity to start working as part-time at our Altinyildiz Classics stores and as a Deputy Store Manager if they wish after school.

Uğur Gülce, Human Resources Director Responsible for BR Magazacilik Talent Management, said: “The retail sector offers a very good career to the youth in the world and in our country. Regardless of their profession, everyone has to sell their ideas, projects, products and services. We are all in the sales business. Retail is the hottest area on the basis of product, customer and service. Gaining knowledge and experience in retail offers the key to success in many industries. Collaboration with Ege University is very important for us in order to increase the number of qualified employees as BR Magazacilik advances in its vision of being an innovative and fast growing brand and world brand. The biggest source of our success is the success of our friends who work passionately in our stores. We are excited to enter the hearts in the university and carry the passion to the field, we wish it will benefit the whole industry”.

Within the scope of our project, we will give lessons on personal development, store management and management skills while sharing the experiences of our Company's Directors and Managers with an academic perspective between 16:00 - 18:00 every Wednesday during the two academic terms. Our class, which is devoted to our 'Store Management Program' training at the university, we will contribute to our students getting their education in an atmosphere appropriate to the spirit of the time by renewing on behalf of the Faculty Member Tamer Keçecioğlu who supports the project from the first day and we lost last him year.

Students Who Choose Career in Retail Will Be Employed

With our 12 Ege University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences students who were selected among hundreds of applications, we had a pleasant day with our orientation education and visit all our processes from our management departments to our warehouse.

Working in 6 different stores in İzmir until June 2020; Our students, who will turn what they have learned with lessons into experience on the field, will be able to step into the business life and career path in retail as a Store Manager at Altinyildiz Classics stores if they wish after the final project.

You can reach our customer representatives via 0850 455 56 57on weekdays between 08:30 and 17:20.
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