Altinyildiz Classics Supports Sustainable Life



Your job is our invention, our job is my invention! My invention is a "meeting place". It is a crowdfunding platform where projects that will benefit the society are introduced and those who want to support these projects can support as much as possible. If you have a creative idea for the solution of social problems, if you don't have enough resources, My invention is for you!
On the other hand, if you want to make a small contribution to people with bright ideas that will benefit socially, My Invention, which is carried out by the Boyner Foundation, is the platform you are looking for to convey your support!
Altinyildiz Classics supports the campaign opened at My Invention for the promotion of the film festival organized for a sustainable life.
Sustainable Life Festival, by bringing more than 130 documentaries together with 10 thousand viewers, contributes to building a more sharing, open, fair, understanding, embracing diversity and valuing the planet and its life.
As Altinyildiz Classics, we have also been a corporate supporter of SYFF's campaign on the Invention platform.

You can reach our customer representatives via 0850 455 56 57 on weekdays between 08:30 and 17:20.
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